At CBD Kratom we believe that an inviting, education-driven environment starts with our people and can only exist when we create the same amongst our teams. Fully understanding the intersectionality of all our team members, we want everyone to feel as if they belong, matter, and are heard. Here at CBD Kratom our culture is defined by our values.

Our Values:

- Drive - We believe in displaying a spirit of ownership within our roles; taking the initiative to improve and innovate, and seeking out change, rather than waiting to adapt.

- Responsibility - We consistently live up to our promises, follow through on our commitments and work toward the greater common good; we always strive to be honest and authentic.

- Care - We have genuine compassion and concern for customers, team members, and the community; we aim to share our passion through genuine, relationship-based experiences.

- Teamwork - We believe in inclusion and respect differing opinions; hearing all voices; cooperating and collaborating towards a common goal.

- Achievement - We accomplish excellence through effort, focus, and skill; we practice resilience and implore strategic thinking to deliver desired outcomes.

Our in-store team members are the key driving forces of our company. In-store team members receive a master’s level education in cannabis and kratom through our product knowledge training and use this expertise to provide a consultative sales approach, helping guide customers to the best products for their needs, thus making their day better than before.

Our Home Office team is the place for entrepreneurial-minded professionals who don’t mind rolling up their sleeves and creating new systems and processes from scratch. Individuals who have demonstrated their ability to achieve results in their field and are driven to do the same for CBD Kratom and our team at large.

Join our Team!

  • Ryan Goldenberg

    Assistant Store Manager

    “ CBD Kratom has given me a huge confidence boost in my leadership skills. Having an awesome, supportive team around me keeps me excited to come into work every day. My entire time here my hard work has been recognized, appreciated, and rewarded. ”

  • Jasmine

    Store Manager

    “ I’ve never had a company show some of the values this company has shown me. Not only does CBD Kratom show value and care to the employees but our guests can also see that when they visit us! I am excited to keep growing with this company! ”

  • Jordan Bateman

    Sales Associate Trainer

    “ CBD Kratom has not only given me a place to grow, but has also given me a career path where I can go home feeling great everyday. I can’t wait to see where I go from here! ”